Spell checkers need to be developed that can identify and correct the spelling mistakes in a text. Spell checkers can be distributed individually or they can also be combined with other applications as well. For correcting the error, the spell checker works by going through the dictionary and finding the word that resembles erroneous words the most. Spelling checking is used in several applications like machine translation, search, information retrieval, etc

There are two main issues related to spelling checker which are elaborated below:

Wrong spelling, words, and grammar in business communications

Business communications involve B2C (Business to Client), B2B (Business to Business) and internal communications. With rising and advancement in various communication channels such as classic email, web-chat, support service, social media and others, the level of text being communicated has increased in recent years. This means there are more chances of errors in spelling, words, and grammar which needs to get corrected

With the growing and ever-increasing workload and stress, all humans don’t have enough time to proof check all the communications. Such kind of mistakes does not create a good enough impression with clients, customers as well as internal employees which can result in losing business, trust or cultural non-acceptance

Unchecked AI-generated text

The number of AI-based applications is on the rise. These generate text such as automated personalized emails or chatbots. Almost everyone expects that spelling or grammar mistakes would not be the possibility in such automated text generation, but still, there are chances of such errors.

Can machines learn to predict correct spellings and words?

Are machines capable enough to learn how to spell a word correctly? Can machines tell the difference between male and mail according to the given example? “We will be sending you a male on how the issue can be solved?”

With AI, this issue can be solved easily. AI technology has gone beyond what the existing spell checkers provide. These machines not only identify spelling mistakes but also identify those words that are spelled correctly but are used in the wrong context. Therefore, AI-based spell and grammar check are put on the top of AI-generated text, which is a good idea.

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