SAR Main Properties and Applications

The main areas where SAR image processing plays a significant role are:

- high-resolution capability

- weather independence by selecting a proper frequency range

- day/night imaging capability due to own illumination

- complementary to optical systems

- polarization signature can get exploited

- Topography (DEM generation with interferometry)

- Oceanography (wave spectra, wind speed, ocean currents)

- Glaciology (snow wetness, snow water equivalent, glacier monitoring)

- Agriculture (crop classification and monitoring, soil moisture)

- Geology (terrain discrimination, subsurface imaging)

- Forestry (forest height, biomass, deforestation)

- Moving Target Indication (MTI)

- Volcano and earthquake monitoring

- Environment monitoring (examples include oil spills, flooding, urban growth, global change)

- Military surveillance and reconnaissance (such as strategic policy, tactical assessment)

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