Key Advantages of Using Google Cloud Hosting

Some key advantages of using Google Cloud Hosting are:

Better Pricing Plans Availability

Google cloud hosting service is quite affordable for those who decide to go for cloud services. To avail the google cloud services, users just need to sign up with all the details asked. The user is not bounded by the subscription in this hosting service. If the user is unsatisfied with the services, he/she can stop it at any instance and if the user is quite satisfied with its services, then the subscription plan can be upgraded.

Enhanced Execution

Google has enhanced the performance of Google Cloud Hosting service at its enterprise level. An individual can access the data from any location via remote. It consists of a big infrastructure that allows executing various complex operations easily at its network. Moreover, Google Cloud Machines can handle any number of visitors at any time.

Benefits of Live Migration

One of the top benefits of using Google Cloud Hosting is “Live Migration”. With such a large network, Google Cloud Hosting enables users to migrate their machines.

Private Network

Users get the maximum time and efficiency due to the private network. A private network means Google provides its own network to every customer so that they experience more control and scalability over the network. Private Network acts as the backbone of Google Cloud Hosting service. When it comes to fiber-optic cables, these are more efficient than any other cables. Google has used fiber-optics to spread its network. The network via fiber-optics can bear any amount of traffic.

Commitment to Constant Development

As we already know, Google Cloud Hosting is also a part of the Google Cloud Platform. It consists of a large infrastructure which is a public domain. Google is also working on its infrastructure and developing it rapidly according to the customer’s requirements. In the near future, we will see the Google Infrastructure expansion to the new locations. This will help to build a strong Google’s network.

Control and Security

Google consists of its own security model which is currently used for securing Gmail, YouTube, and other products. Google has recruited many Security Professionals who help Google to protect the data on servers. All the data present on the Cloud Platform Services is encrypted. Google’s strong network of ISPs helps Google to secure their network

Redundant Backups

Redundancy means if something is no longer required, it can be reduced. Google has its own in-built redundant backups. If some part of a component is not functioning, then Google will create a backup. This means you are storing your data in different locations (minimum of two locations). In case, something happens, users won’t lose their data. Redundancy helps to ensure data integrity, It also ensures reliability and durability.

Google Cloud Platform offers several services along with the hosting. With the growth of GCP in the cloud market, the demand for Google Cloud experts is increasing at a very fast rate.

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