Potential Uses And Effects

Facial expression recognition is one of the best ways to test the impact of any content, product or service on people. Artificial Intelligence helps to detect faces, code facial expressions, and recognize emotional states.

Let us know how such technology can be used to solve a variety of real-world use-cases effectively:

1. Making cars safer and personalized

Car Manufacturers around the world are increasingly focusing on making cars more personal and safe for us to drive.For building more smart car features, it makes sense for makers to use AI that helps them understand human emotions.Facial emotion detection smart cars alert the driver when he is feeling drowsy.

2. Facial Emotion Detection in Interviews

Candidate-interviewer interaction is susceptible to many categories of judgment and subjectivity. Such subjectivity makes it hard to determine whether the candidate’s personality is a good fit for the job. We cannot identify what a candidate is trying to say because of the multiple layers of language interpretation, cognitive biases, and context that lie in between. That’s where AI plays the role by measuring the candidate’s facial expressions to capture their moods and further assess their personality traits.

3. Testing for Video Games

Video games are designed keeping in mind a specific target audience. The aim of each video game is to evoke a particular behavior and set of emotions from the users. Facial emotion detection can aid in understanding which emotions a user is going through in real-time and he doesn’t notice it as he is playing without analyzing the complete video manually.

4. Market Research

Traditionally, market research companies have employed verbal methods such as surveys to find the consumer's wants and needs. However, such methods assume that consumers can formulate their preferences verbally and the stated preferences correspond to future actions which may not always be right.

5. These are the applications of using Expression detection. Several applications like consumer neuroscience and neuromarketing, multimedia adverts, psychological research, clinical psychology and psychotherapy, artificial social agents (avatar) engineering, and more can also greatly benefit from this research.

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