The process of information gathering is a repetition process that is used to create and organize data across various kinds of sources. The four types of information gathering techniques are as follows:

1. Brainstorming

- This method is used for the collection of all project lists. All ideas are produced with the use of a facilitator through an open discussion and mass interviewing techniques. The brainstorming technique can take place during a scheduled meeting with peers, individual brainstorming, or even at an informal meeting.

2. Delphi technique

- This technique under project management needs the presence of a facilitator that results in questionnaires to solicit different ideas. The responses are then summarized and recirculated to the participants.

3. Root cause analysis

- One of the information gathering techniques is the root cause analysis that is used in identifying problems and their underlying causes. Thus, developing preventive action.

4. Interviewing

- Stakeholders, participants, and experts are interviewed to identify risks.

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