AI is Transforming various areas of HR

Artificial Intelligence technologies have brought some interesting innovations in the AI ‒ HR space. Let’s have a quick overview of the most significant ways in which AI is transforming HR for the better:

AI in Recruitment: 

AI has made candidate sourcing, screening, and matching easier for organizations. AI also helps HR leaders in overcoming the issue of human-bias which helps in decision making. Here are some of the key use cases of AI in recruiting:

Candidate sourcing

Lead nurturing

Candidate screening



AI in HCM: 

AI enables organizations to meet employee expectations by helping HR teams reimagine people and talent processes in order to build stronger teams, reduce employee turnover, and enhance the employee experience. A few major impact areas for AI in HCM include:

Performance management

Workforce planning

People analytics

Virtual assistants for self-service/HR service delivery

Career pathing

Leadership and coaching

AI in Employee Engagement:

AI plays a great role in businesses to interact with their employees. The key use cases include:

Intelligent surveys

Real-time feedback platforms

Rewards and recognition

Personalized messaging and communication

AI in Employee Benefits:

AI and automation can help to ease the administration, implementation as well as management of employee benefits. The main use cases of AI in benefits administration include:





AI in Learning and Development (L&D):

AI enables learning platforms like Youtube and Netflix to improve learning outcomes. The areas where AI impacts L&D include:

Personalized learning pathways


eLearning analytics

Conversational interfaces

AI technologies are changing the process of how companies hire and retain talent and forecast workforce trends. Today is the age of AI and more HR departments are adopting this technology. A large amount of data being collected can be quickly, efficiently and accurately translated into actionable analytics. The benefits of big data and AI clearly outweigh the concerns related to the HR department.

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