E-commerce Industry

E-Commerce has now become the standard method of purchasing goods and services. Artificial Intelligence technology has enhanced the brand competitiveness and customer loyalty by analyzing customer behavior on websites.

Use Cases Of AI in E-Commerce

The most popular usage of AI in eCommerce is to understand the customers and their choices in a better way. Other areas where AI plays an important role in the eCommerce area are:

AI assistants and chatbots

These inventions help brands by responding to customer inquiries. Also, they provide product recommendations to customers through NLP.

Recommendation engines 

Artificial Intelligence analyzes customer behavior on websites. Its job is to predict what products can be preferable by the customers and provide recommendations accordingly.

Retarget potential customers and improve the sales process 

Artificial Intelligence helps to enhance the sales cycle, by designing a strong sales message that reaches consumers at the right time on the right platform.

A new level of personalization 

AI also analyzes how the customers are interacting online: via mobile app, web, email, etc. Moreover, it helps to create a universal customer view. And, AI also supports e-commerce retailers to deliver a seamless customer experience across all the platforms. Relevant messages are sent at the right time.

Improve recommendations for customers 

AI can predict customer behavior and demand more intelligently and efficiently. It offers relevant and helpful recommendations to online customers.

Intelligent agents 

The new intelligent agent negotiation system is now a trendy and popular tool used in e-commerce. The three main use cases include matching buyers and sellers; facilitating transactions; and providing institutional infrastructure. All this is done automatically

Filter fake reviews 

Unfortunately, fake reviews have become an issue for online retailers and e-commerce shops. As we know, there are fake reviews on online sites given by competitors, bots, etc. So, AI manages this problem by putting more emphasis on verified and helpful reviews.


People fear that everything in the future will be done by AI technology. But this is not the reality. Robots only offer the opportunity to retailers to provide exactly what the customer wants, when they want it, by using technology and algorithms.

When the eCommerce business starts growing, the number of repetitive tasks grows as well. Robots can do that task easily; everything from publishing new products on multiple channels to scheduling sales, and giving discounts to loyal customers, etc.

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