Cyber Security Industry

Cyber Security is defined as the technologies and practices that protect the networks, devices, programs, and data from attack or unauthorized access. It can also be named as information technology security.


Artificial Intelligence technology is used in various areas of cybersecurity:

Biometric logins

The use of Biometric logins is increasing day by day to create secure logins by either scanning fingerprints, retinas, or palm prints. This technology can be used alone or in conjunction with a password.

Password security

Large companies have faced security breaches that compromised email addresses, personal information, and passwords. Passwords are extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks, compromising personal information, credit card information, and social security numbers. AI has contributed largely to the cybersecurity by protecting passwords of clients.

Detects Malicious activities

AI is also used for detecting threats and other malicious activities. Conventional systems cannot protect from the sheer number of malware that is created every month. So, AI plays the role of protecting the systems from harmful activities. Even the smallest behaviors of ransomware and malware attacks can be detected with AI before entering the system.

Natural Language Processing

Systems running on AI unlocks the potential for natural language processing which collects information automatically by combining through articles, news, and studies on cyber threats. This can give full information about anomalies, cyber attacks, and prevention strategies. Moreover, it allows cybersecurity firms to stay updated on the latest risks and time frames and build responsive strategies to keep organizations protected.

Multi-factor authentication

AI systems are also used in multi-factor authentication situations to provide access to their users. Different users of a company have different levels of authentication privileges that are also dependent on the location from where they’re accessing the data. By using AI, access privileges can also be modified based on the network and location of the user.

For using AI to its fullest capabilities, it is necessary that it must be implemented by the right security firms who properly know its functioning. AI can protect the cybersecurity firms and their clients from attacks even if there are multiple skilled attacks going on

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